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Minor Interior Alterations

It’s the little changes that can make a big difference to the way you (and your employees) work – knocking down an interior wall to create more open space, building an interior wall to segregate space, new flooring, a new coat of paint, more efficient air-conditioning, adding new joinery, revamping utilities, future proofing technology and any number of other alterations and additions that could transform your work space and your head space.



The blank canvas of building, the opportunity to make a statement and create a contemporary work environment that complies with all WHS regulations and delivers a space in which people love to work. From security, fire services and certified disability access to technology driven work spaces, energyefficient environments and architectural statements, we turn your blank canvas into a vibrant, functional and productive work space.


and Extensions

Reinvigorating the tired, rejuvenating the neglected and transforming the terminally ill – we bring commercial buildings back to life. It’s about enhancing the existing (particularly heritage buildings) and creating the new – a merging of the classic with the contemporary. It means anything from plastering, painting, repointing and polishing to pouring a new slab, putting on a new roof or building an extension. Whether it’s a small extension, a large building or even a church (yep, we’ve refurbished a church) we take care of every detail (right down to the new crucifixes).

We can do the lot, from design management to certification, but we’re also happy to play a specific role within a new build. We are problem solvers (actually, we’re more problem preventers) with the ability to provide the best outcomes for your commercial requirements, whether it’s a total construction and fit-out or just installing the services (and making sure the fancy media screen works).

New Commercial